Pe-Ace - electicism)

You want to do something special for someone special in your life! On an Anniversary, wedding or birthday, or just to capture a very special memory.

You must see my oil paintings in person to truly appreciate the fine attention to detail and the vibrant colours and textures that are evident in every hand-painted masterpiece i have created. As beautiful as they appear on this website, These oil paintings are 10 TIMES more striking in reality!

A portrait painted in oil — the perfect gift for someone you love! (even if that someone is you ;-).

Quality Is Paramount

Quality work is my number one aim. I am passionate about my work and specialise in painting unique custom pop-art portraits of different types and subjects. I work hard to provide you with memorable art that will match your exact requirements.

Satisfaction Is Guaranteed

How to make an order:

call me: +49(0)16 3344 8899

or email me: art(at)

we can then discuss your idea. but first check out my FAQ's

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pe-ace easel on the left
pe-ace flying tube of oil paint
pe-ace paint pot main Easel